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In order to keep our clients up to date, we regularly organize employment law workshops on the latest news and/or changes in the law. We do this for HR managers, personnel consultants and regular clients. We also organize these inspirational sessions on request, tailored to your individual needs, and also meet our clients at their offices for a lunch session or working breakfast, for example. These sessions will often be for smaller groups about a subject that is particularly relevant to the client. Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

We also regularly publish newsletters about developments in employment law. Most of them are available on the Dutch website.

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Will a confidential adviser on the work floor become mandatory? 22-04-2022

In view of the recent news about The Voice and the football director of AJAX, it has become clear that since #MeToo not enough attention has been paid to recognizing and combating sexual harassment and unwanted behaviour at work. Where can employees safely go if they want to report unwanted behaviour?


Recently, the Institute for Human Rights wrote a letter to the responsible Ministers, urging the obligation to have a confidential adviser in the workfloor. Long before all recent commotion, in November 2020, a bill was submitted that would oblige employers to appoint an internal or external confidential adviser.

Appointment and duties

The bill entailed that the works council would have the right of consent with regard to the appointment of an internal or external confidential adviser. If the appointment concerned an employee, he/she would receive the same protection against dismissal as a member of the works council. The duties of the confidential advisor would include assisting the employee who is confronted with unwanted behaviour, calling in professional help if necessary, and arranging an expert or mediator to resolve conflicts.

Council of State’s advice

The Council of State’s judgement on this bill was published on January 26 last. The Council of State is of the opinion that a general obligation to appoint a confidential adviser is too severe and unnecessary, especially for SMEs also in view of the associated costs. Now that the social partners (employers and trade unions) have not previously insisted on regulations, the Council of State believes that it is first up to them to make agreements about this, for example via collective labour agreements and/or health and safety policies.

Despite the negative advice from the Council of State, the bill has been maintained. In its  Explanatory Memorandum - in response to the criticism of the Council of State – some suggestions has been made to make the introduction of a mandatory confidential adviser accessible and feasible  at low cost. The bill will be back on the agenda of the House of Representatives on February 23. If the proposal is accepted, Van Bladel Advocaten will of course inform you further.

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14-01-2022What will change in 2022 in employment law?

We have listed the most important (upcoming) legislative changes for you.

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07-07-2021Unions and employers agreement on labor market reform

On June 1st, 2021 the social partners have reached an agreement in principle on labor market reform and work regulation. The agreement is part of an advice from the Social and Economic Council (SER). The agreement is an attempt to influence the formation talks about a new Dutch government. In this blog you can read about the main points, including the limitation of flexible work by prohibiting zero-hours contracts, temporary employment contracts of a maximum of three years and the position of self-employed persons.

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