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We are a niche law firm specializing in Dutch employment law. Our approach is characterized by a practical interpretation of the often complex laws and case law relating to employment, and by direct and clear communication in close partnership with our clients. By adopting this approach, we can offer our clients the very highest quality of service at highly competitive rates. As a result, we are proud to serve a varied clientele with whom we have built up a close relationship.

Professional partnership is key in the contact with our clients. This means that we listen to your wishes and think along about what best suits your company or organization and what is legally possible. In order to understand you properly and to be able to switch quickly and adequately, we strive to build an intensive relationship. So that you can continue with concise and clear advice. In case of disputes, we aim for an optimal and feasible outcome. In cases where a solution is not possible or desirable, we assist you in proceedings before the court and the court of appeal. Naturally, the interests of the client always come first.


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Via the button below you can calculate which transition payment is due in the event of a dismissal that takes place on or after 1 January 2020.

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A close-knit team with plenty of experience

A good lawyer makes a legal solution easy rather than complex for the client.
In order to arrive at good and honest advice, as a lawyer you must be able to put the emotions of a case to the back of your mind.
The challenge is always to find out which route offers the best solution for my client.
I adore my work as a lawyer, but am really satisfied when the client is happy with the result.
By listening carefully to your client, you can deliver tailored solutions.
Although you sometimes need to say it’s simply unwise, I better try to provide input for possibilities
The law challenges to always look for the best solution. It is my passion to find it

Up-to-date knowledge and practical advice


From fast advice over the phone to comprehensive assistance in a court case, we are here to assist our clients in all aspects of employment law. We advise large and medium-sized employers in particular on all kinds of employment related matters, such as HR policy, redundancy issues, reorganizations, sick employees, privacy regulation and participatory decision-making matters. Expats, company directors, senior management and employees can also rely on us for legal assistance.

To support our clients with their HR policy, we regularly give in-house workshops and seminars on employment law issues, such as improvement procedures, reorganizations and obligations concerning sick employees. We also keep our clients informed about relevant developments in our specialist area of law.

Our areas of work include:

  • collective and individual redundancy law
  • reorganizations
  • employment conditions and amendments to them
  • transfers of undertakings
  • non-compete clauses
  • sickness and occupational disability
  • top incomes in the (semi) public and financial sector
  • the legal position of expats and directors under the articles of association
  • employee participation law
  • individual and collective employment contracts
  • flexible employment relationships
  • privacy issues at the workplace (GDPR)
  • civil service law / WNRA


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